Growing Flowers, Mining Bitcoin

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Flowers are beautiful and make people happy. It shows appreciation for one another. Flowers are a waste of energy to grow, just like bitcoin, so it should be forbidden. We offer you flowers for your bitcoin. Try it, take care of the people close to you. Give them flowers & bitcoin. Or even better bitcoin flowers. Grown with miner heat, using electricity instead of natural gas.

In januari 2022 a greenhouse saw natural gas prices explode. Trying to heat the greenhouse with conventional spiral heaters a more efficient and cost effective plan was proposed. Heat the greenhouse with bitcoin miners. In February 2022 the first flowers were ready for shipment and out of who supplied the miners the idea came to sell the flowers for bitcoin. BitcoinBloem was born. 

After delivering flowers across the netherlands an idea spun up by a US veteran @JonPDiGiacomo. He asked if he could donate flowers to an elderly home or a sick child in the Netherlands with a touch of a button. This was the moment we put donations on our website and people across the globe started donating flowers to local elderly homes and children that couldnt attend school. 

In May 2022 an installation in a tulip growing greenhouse was built. The issue with international shipping of flowers could be taken out of the equation when we would ship the miner dried bitcoin bulbs. So we focussed on preparing this since may. 

In September 2022 tulip bulbs were shipped across the globe. They will bloom during spring. Bitcoin Bloem built a flower palette of 3200 tulips at the entrance of Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022.